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    Interview with Shingo Usami, Writer/Actor/Director of RICEBALLS

    CineVue got the inside scoop on RICEBALLS chatting with Shingo Usami, who wore the writer, actor, and director hats. In the poignant film, a recently widowed Kenji does his best to remind his young son of their cultural heritage, making clumsily-crafted Japanese riceballs for him to take for lunch. As time passes, the riceballs strengthen […]

    Interview with Masayuki Kusaka, Producer of HARRY ON THE CLOUDS

    Kari Lindberg, on behalf of CineVue, was fortunate enough to chat with Masayuki Kusaka, producer of HARRY ON THE CLOUDS. In this bittersweet animation, a baby sheep, on his road to heaven, tries to visit his mourning mother before he crosses over for good. Director Aya Shiroi beautifully illustrates the heartbreak of parting with loved ones. AAIFF ’16 […]

    Interview with Weronika Mliczewska, Director of SPEECHLESS IN JAPAN

    SPEECHLESS IN JAPAN is an edgy, participatory documentary that follows a cross-dressing Japanese outcast confronted by judgment from strangers who question his way-of-life. The film, directed by Weronika Mliczewska, chronicles his personal, intimate and blunt journey in search of his own identity. AAIFF ’16 presented SPEECHLESS IN JAPAN on July 22, 2016.   Jackie Lam: You quit your […]

    Interview with Director Randy Yang of VIDEO

    Randy Yang’s short VIDEO, shot in a single take, captures a heated interaction and its surprising aftermath between a white woman and two black teenage girls who’ve captured her racist rant directed toward a homeless black man on video. The film was presented on July 23, 2016 as part of the MADE IN NY Shorts […]

    Interview with Roshnee Desai, Director of COVER UP

    The short film COVER UP explores the subconsciousness of a woman traveling alone at night in urban India through mixed media. By employing animated images, abstract visual aides, and a stripped-down voiceover, director Roshnee Desai has created a narrative that’s as compelling as it is captivating. COVER UP was screened at AAIFF ’16 on July 23, […]

    Roundtable Interview with LGBTQ Shorts Filmmakers

    by Jackie Lam This year, AAIFF is spotlighting the Asian LGBTQ community, an extremely marginalized and underrepresented group with incredibly important and powerful stories. CineVue chatted with each filmmaker in the LGBTQ Shorts program about their inspiration, goals, personal growth, and more.   CineVue: What was the inspiration for your film? Vicky Du, GAYSIANS: My […]

    Interview with Director Veena Rao on MUMBAI MORNINGS

    by Jackie Lam CineVue got the chance to chat with director Veena Rao about her short film MUMBAI MORNINGS, which centers around Abbas–a humble but driven, Indian jewelry polisher-turned-ultramarathoner. Through stunning cinematography, Abbas shows us a different side of Mumbai that has opened to him as he runs through the city he calls home. MUMBAI MORNINGS is […]