• About CineVue

    CineVue Online is Asian CineVision’s media arts journal established in 1986. CineVue Online aims to showcase media content produced by, for, and about the Asian Pacific American experience including profiles, features, interviews, critiques, essays, commentary and original content.

    If you are interested in becoming a CineVue contributor please contact Judy Lei at cinevue@asiancinevision.org



    To feature fresh Asian Pacific American voices on the internet by using artistic, cultural critique

    To analyze, (re)define, and (re)brand the Asian Pacific America identity and community

    To engage and create conversations with audience members through interactions such as comments and submissions


    Dan Toy

    Daniel Toy is a freelance writer and editor. He enjoys overanalyzing media and developing original content in the form of short fiction, screenplays, and reviews.


    Hanalei Somar

    Hanalei Somar is a NYC-based community activist through BAYAN USA, a multi-media artist with the everydayarmada artist collective, and a contributing writer to various publications.


    Ellen Sea

    Ellen Sea is a NYC-based creative freelancer and professional daydreamer. She enjoys being involved with various projects combining technology, the arts, and real world issues.


    Christopher Bourne

    Christopher Bourne is a writer and cinephile. His film reviews and articles have appeared in Senses of Cinema, Meniscus Magazine, The Brooklyn Rail and other publications.


    Jerry Ma

    Jerry Ma is art director of Secret Identities as well as founder of the art & design studio Epic Proportions which features a tshirt line as well as comic book and illustration work.


    Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai

    Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai is a spoken word poet, playwright, and filmmaker, who has been featured at over 500 venues worldwide including three seasons of Russell Simmons Presents HBO Def Poetry.


    Secret Asian Man

    Tak Toyoshima is the Creative Director of DigBoston and the creator/illustrator of Secret Asian Man, a comic strip commenting on race relations in the US.