• For Filmmakers

    ACV acts as fiscal agent for film and media projects for individual artists.

    Recently completed project sponsorships include Wing of Defeat, a feature documentary directed by Risa Morimoto and The Quiet Builders directed by Koji Hayasaki, Current projects include Hafu, an examination of mixed race Japanese in Tokyo directed by Megumi Nishikura, and Code Red, a documentary exploring internet use in China by Risa Morimoto.

    At this time, ACV does not offer grants or subsidies to fiscally sponsored projects.

    To apply for fiscal sponsorship, please contact us with a description of the proposed project and full contact information. We are unable to respond to incomplete emails. Full application details are forthcoming.

    Director/Writer/Producer: Diane Paragas
    Website: www.yellowrosefilm.com

    YELLOW ROSE has announced its first casting call for the lead character: ROSARIO GARCIA 13-20 yrs. MUST BE FILIPINO. Musical skills a huge plus. We are very excited to sponsor this ambitious feature narrative by Diane Paragas. The story is about a Filipino Texan guitarist finding herself alienated from her Filipino culture and not really loved back by her dear Lone Star State.
    To support the making of YELLOW ROSE, please consider making your tax-deductible contribution. Click on our NYCharities page and enter YELLOW ROSE in the program field.

    Director/Producer: Sunah Kim
    Website: http://www.ginadreams.com/

    Asian CineVision is proud to be the fiscal sponsor of Sunah Kim’s remarkable feature length documentary WONHYO: THE DANCING BUDDHA. Sunah brings a compelling personal storyline in her discovery of the teachings of the 7th century Buddhist monk. Click on HERE for the trailer.
    To support the making of WONHYO: THE DANCING BUDDHA, please consider making your tax-deductible contribution. Click on our NYCharities page and enter WONHYO in the program field.

    Director/Producer: Peilin Kuo
    Website: http://athousanddeaths.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/amw1000

    A THOUSAND DEATHS relives the golden age of Hollywood through the eyes of Asian-American actress, Anna May Wong (1905-1961), who rose from a laundromat in LA’s Chinatown to become the first Chinese-American international film star in the 1920s and ’30s. Not only did Anna May break through gender barriers, she also transcended obstacles of racism throughout her prolific career. AAIFF award winning filmmaker Peilin Kuo’s beautiful, moving screenplay tells Anna May Wong’s fascinating, often-tragic story in what will be Kuo’s first feature-length film.
    Support the making of this film, make your tax deductible contribution on our NYCharities page and enter A THOUSAND DEATHS in the program field.