Directors Megumi NISHIKURA and Lara Perez TAKAGI | 2013 | Japan | 87 mins | English, Japanese w/ES | East Coast Premiere

    With its plethora of cultural meanings, both positive and negative, Hafu is a term used to describe a Japanese of mixed heritage. Detailing the nuances of this hybridity, directors Megumi NISHIKURA and Lara Perez TAKAGI, both Hafu themselves, tell a compelling story of the voices and visibility of the Hafu identity with five stories of Hafu Japanese as they connect to their other roots in Australia, Korea, Venezuela, Mexico and Ghana to give us an absorbing look at ways of being Japanese.

    About the Filmmakers:

    MEGUMI NISHIKURA (Producer/Director/Videographer) A film graduate of New York University, Megumi regularly produces documentaries for the United Nations and various NGOs on global and social issues. She recently began to re-explore issues of multiculturalism, diversity, and identity. Her passion is to use the medium of film to remind ourselves of our common humanity.

    LARA PEREZ TAKAGI (Director/co-Producer/Videographer) Lara was born in Tokyo, and raised in various cities around the world. Passionate about filmmaking, she returned to Tokyo to create her first art-documentary “Madrid x Tokyo.” Curious about the experiences of other hafus like herself, she jumped on board to start the production of Hafu.
    Sunday July 28, 2013 5:00 pm

    Anthology Film Archives (AFA)
    Courthouse (CH)

    * Please note the new showing time and theater in lieu of 5:30pm at the Maya Deren theater as previously announced.

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