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    Director WONG Chen-hsi | 2012 | Singapore | 88 min | English, Malay w/ES | U.S. Premiere

    A delicate story of the friendship between two tweens, each estranged at home. Transfer student Syafiqah, a Malay girl, befriends Ah Huat, a Chinese boy and half-wild prankster in their teachers’ eyes. The two little souls resort to the lush mountain, away from a dysfunctional adult world–driven by divorce, drunkenness, and darkness. But cruelties ensue, and the monsoon rain arrives. An exquisite feature debut by WONG Chen Hsi, INNOCENTS is marked with masterful atmospheric depiction of the worlds shared by the children that makes it a “tone-poem” film.

    Sunday July 28 | 3:00 pm

    Anthology Film Archives (AFA)
    Courthouse Theater (CH)

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