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    Director:Lam Can-zhao蓝灿昭

    Interview with Writer/Director Lam Can-zhao of THE DOG

    Director Lam Can-zhao’s debut feature film THE DOG follows a lonely rebel’s unpredictable, peculiar and incredible journey. Shot documentary-style while employing characteristics of hybrid cinema, THE DOG’s low-tech and casual style reveals a wealth of stories that reflect both the authenticity and occasional absurdity of the living situations of migrant workers and of those who otherwise live “below […]


    Interview with Weronika Mliczewska, Director of SPEECHLESS IN JAPAN

    SPEECHLESS IN JAPAN is an edgy, participatory documentary that follows a cross-dressing Japanese outcast confronted by judgment from strangers who question his way-of-life. The film, directed by Weronika Mliczewska, chronicles his personal, intimate and blunt journey in search of his own identity. AAIFF ’16 presented SPEECHLESS IN JAPAN on July 22, 2016.   Jackie Lam: You quit your […]

    Randy Yang (director)

    Interview with Director Randy Yang of VIDEO

    Randy Yang’s short VIDEO, shot in a single take, captures a heated interaction and its surprising aftermath between a white woman and two black teenage girls who’ve captured her racist rant directed toward a homeless black man on video. The film was presented on July 23, 2016 as part of the MADE IN NY Shorts […]


    Interview with Mabel Cheung and Alex Law of A TALE OF THREE CITIES

    CineVue got the chance to talk with world-famous Hong Kong director, Mabel Cheung and her long-time producer, Alex Law, on their 2015 film entitled A TALE OF THREE CITIES. The epic film is based on the love story of Jackie Chan’s parents against the background of the Sino-Chinese War and the Chinese Cultural Revolution. AAIFF […]

    Filmmaker_Roshnee Desai 01

    Interview with Roshnee Desai, Director of COVER UP

    The short film COVER UP explores the subconsciousness of a woman traveling alone at night in urban India through mixed media. By employing animated images, abstract visual aides, and a stripped-down voiceover, director Roshnee Desai has created a narrative that’s as compelling as it is captivating. COVER UP was screened at AAIFF ’16 on July 23, […]

    AAIFF16_1000hands_producer still

    Interview with Director Tobias Reeuwijk of 1000 HANDS OF THE GURU

    The Kingdom of Bhutan is the only remaining Vajrayana Buddhist country in the world at present. What sets them apart from other Buddhists across Asia is their incorporation of the thangka, intricately painted scrolls, in meditation. This art form is an integral part of Bhutanese culture, but there aren’t many artists today that can properly preserve […]

    attends the "Spa Night" Premiere during the 2016 Sundance Film Festival at Library Center Theater on January 24, 2016 in Park City, Utah.

    Interview with Director Andrew Ahn and Actor Joe Seo of SPA NIGHT

    Andrew Ahn’s debut feature film SPA NIGHT explores its protagonist David’s Korean Americaness through his sexual exploration in Korean spas. David (Joe Seo) wrestles with the expectations of his struggling immigrant parents (Youn Ho Cho and Haerry Kim), as they all come to terms with their place in Los Angeles’ Koreatown. SPA NIGHT, which won Seo the Sundance […]

    Directors and producer

    Interview with Dianne Griffin and Erica Jordan, Producers/Directors of PAINTED NAILS

    In the feature film PAINTED NAILS, Van Hoang, a Vietnamese immigrant and nail salon owner, becomes one of the first workers in decades to testify against the cosmetic industry before Congress, after discovering that her two miscarriages were caused by cosmetic toxins. The documentary presents a touching story about the journey of an immigrant family, and […]

    Image 2

    Interview with Director Tadashi Nakamura of MELE MURALS

    What is graffiti? Art? Rebellion? Expression? For artists Estria Miyashiro (a.k.a Estria) and John Hina (a.k.a Prime), graffiti has become a conduit for connecting with Hawaiian culture. Alongside a group of Native Hawaiian youth from the rural community of Waimea, the pair create a mural that changes the community’s landscape and, unexpectedly, helps them rediscover […]

    CFC PR pic 4

    Roundtable Interview with LGBTQ Shorts Filmmakers

    by Jackie Lam This year, AAIFF is spotlighting the Asian LGBTQ community, an extremely marginalized and underrepresented group with incredibly important and powerful stories. CineVue chatted with each filmmaker in the LGBTQ Shorts program about their inspiration, goals, personal growth, and more.   CineVue: What was the inspiration for your film? Vicky Du, GAYSIANS: My […]