Director DJ HOLLOWAY and Sun W. KIM | 2013 | USA | 101 mins | World Premiere

    In this tautly crisp indie suspense thriller, James PARK (Jun-seong KIM, WEST 32ND STREET, MAN-CHOO) is a retired undercover detective, facing his worst nightmare when his young son Cody is kidnapped by a mysterious criminal (C.S. LEE, DEXTER) in retribution for past transgressions. With a handful of past enemies, simultaneous murders, a wife who’s losing faith in him, and two detectives in hot pursuit, James must move fast to bring his son home safely.

    Saturday July 27, 2013 | 3:30 pm

    Anthology Film Archives (AFA)
    Courthouse Theater (CH)

    Director Sun W. KIM, executive producer Johnny LEE and actor/co-producer Trip HOPE will be in attendance.

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    Directors’ Bios
    DJ HOLLOWAY is a writer/director/editor originally from Oregon, where he co-founded Unseen Hands Productions with his production partner, James Monegan. DJ has a wide range of filmmaking experience, including cinematography, sound design, acting, effects, and composing. He has written and directed numerous feature-length movies and award-winning shorts.
    Sun W. KIM is a director/writer/producer of many excellent films including INNOCENT BLOOD, THE CURE, FORGOTTEN, PIE & COFFEE, STORMDRAGON, SUNSET, A SERIES OF SMALL THINGS, AND MR. ESCAPE. As the founder of Talent One Media, Sun has worked tirelessly to fight against social injustices like human trafficking through the medium of film.


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